Across Town, Yet a World Away

One of the most romantic and dynamic destinations in America is less than an hour away from the Twin Cities Metro area! Stillwater, Minnesota continues to be voted the best small town in the state and maintains a top 10 getaway status nationwide. Whether you're visiting Stillwater for its historic charm, stunning scenery, or recreational activities, this river town offers an old world feel while providing the finest in lodging, dining, shopping, arts and outdoor verve. Find your next getaway in Stillwater.

Don't drive all day, play all day!

You don't want to leave the kids too far behind (just in case!) or pour your entire paycheck into the gas tank: you need to get away and yet stay close to home. Who knew you could get so far so fast? Stillwater is the perfect location for a weekend or work-week escape. Add a little romance and plan on spending the night–it might take two days to shop, dine, and tour Stillwater the right way!